Crowdsourced Idea Convergence


Selection challenges exist when problems occur during the idea selection. Such challenges can result in additional effort, time and resources.

The following section gives an introduction into the challenges that might occur when selecting the best idea out of a large pile. In the context of the UMIC research project, we identified 10 selection challenges. The selection challenges are shortly summarized and described in more detail in so-called problem scenarios. The short descriptions aim at making the reader aware of the inherent problems of the selection challenge and problem scenarios give insights into current practice where those problems exist. Problem scenarios are fictive stories of users, their actions, and their goals.To structure a problem scenario, information about the stakeholder’s values and activities should be collected. Acquiring rich and diverse data about the needs of the stakeholders and the potential future opportunities provides a better understanding of the current situation and allows the potential developer to identify optimal solutions for the current issues. By conducting an in-depth qualitative study, the researchers of the UMIC research project acquired rich data to identify the current issues of the stakeholders and their future needs.


In the following table you can find the personas that have a role in several scenarios. All data are anonymized. The actors’ names and professional identities are either the products of the authors’ imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, is purely coincidental. The innovation company AwesomeTech organizes innovation contests in a frequent basis. Constantly in the need of innovative solutions that can improve issues around the world, AwesomeTech is launching internal and external contests often reaching a very high number of submissions. Bob is the project manager and the organizer of the different contests in AwesomeTech. Bob according to the needs of each contest collaborates with other members of the organization. In the figure below you can find Bob along with his colleagues that had a certain role in at least one of the innovation contests. The team size is adjusted according to certain requirements like level of expertise, need for manpower, etc. In the following problem scenarios you can explore the challenges that Bob and his team face as they try to select the best idea.

Personas of AwesomeTech
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