Crowdsourced Idea Convergence

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Welcome to our website! The content of this website has been created with the purpose of introducing techniques of Digital Collaboration set in the context of crowdsourcing innovation. Specifically, this website focuses on a form of digital collaboration in which organization-external knowledge and information can be sourced from the crowd in order to enhance an organization’s innovation processes. This has been called crowdsourcing or open innovation. You can learn how the process of innovation contests unfolds through the metaphor of the innovation funnel. While generation of ideas in such innovation contests has been researched for quite some time, we concentrate on how organizations can be supported in the subsequent phase of idea selection.

The goal of the website is to build competencies for the self-organized application of digital collaboration techniques to overcome convergence challenges:

Hence, the website offers both theoretical knowledge and practical experience.


Christina Sarigianni, Piotr Konecki, Sebastian WindmĂĽller, Isabella Seeber, Ronald Maier
Department of Information Systems

Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Austria License.