Crowdsourced Idea Convergence

Innovation Funnel

The determination of the best ideas goes through different phases. By clicking on the different parts of the displayed funnel, you can find out the most important information about the four phases of idea selection, namely idea generation, filtering, shortlisting and winner determination. On devices with small screens you can swipe the images horizontally to see the phases.

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Winner determination

To attract a large crowd of idea generators and therefore many submissions, idea contests usually offer some reward to one or more winning submissions. These rewards can be diverse, either monetary (e.g. financial prize) or non-monetary (e.g. support with idea implementation). Previous research has found that innovation contests attract more ideators when they acquire the following characteristics: 1) shorter problem description, 2) longer contest duration, 3) high popularity (e.g. through marketing), 4) high (monetary) awards and require low time, effort and expertise for an ideator to submit an idea [1]. The evaluation of the submitted ideas for the winner determination can be done either by the participants themselves (self-assessment) or by a jury of experts [2].


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