Crowdsourced Idea Convergence

Post-it Voting

Post-it voting facilitates idea selection, through multiple voting. The method ensures an equal say among the evaluation team members and allows for multiple ideas to be further pursued.

Post-it Voting or dot voting is a cumulative voting approach for recognizing preferences among different options. The origins of cumulative voting date back to the 19th century, where the method was used frequently in elections. Dot-voting is said to be used since the 1980s and is a popular method for quick collaborative decisions.

Example: Idea Contest

While the knowledge around IT is becoming mandatory in business education, at many universities the Information Systems courses are not effective at teaching the future generation of business managers the key concepts for thriving in the digital innovation era. Therefore, we ask the following question: What kind of digital resources would support, enhance and improve the teaching of IS courses? Please provide your ideas.

Idea Contest

Reflective Questions

What is the benefit of Post-it Voting over traditional approaches where each participant has only one vote?

What could be potential functionalities of a software tool that supports this voting method?


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