Crowdsourced Idea Convergence

Selection Criteria

Having identified several ideas, selection criteria help to evaluate and rank them according to how well they meet these criteria.

Every idea can be evaluated based on several selection criteria. They provide a guide for identifying ideas which are optimal for specific problems, research and needs. Hence, the criteria can differ depending on the underlying problem. Ideas can be voted on, according to how well each criterion is met. The total score of an idea is a weighted average of individual criteria scores. In the end, ideas can be ranked according to how well they meet the criteria.

Example: Idea Contest

While the knowledge around IT is becoming mandatory in business education, at many universities the Information Systems courses are not effective at teaching the future generation of business managers the key concepts for thriving in the digital innovation era. Therefore, we ask the following question: What kind of digital resources would support, enhance and improve the teaching of IS courses? Please provide your ideas.

Idea Contest Results

Idea Feasible ⇵ Novel ⇵ Elaborate ⇵ Relevant ⇵ Total ⇵
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Reflective Questions

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using analytic scales for idea evaluation?

In which cases the analytic scales are not suitable for idea evaluation?

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